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Where to have a small wedding ceremony

We get a lot of calls about where to have the wedding. Often people don’t want a big wedding, just a few close friends and family. Here are a few of the places that we have done weddings, we hope this helps you come up with a few fun, cheap, and different places to have your wedding.

  1. Houses. ~ A backyard wedding or even a wedding inside your home is a wonderful place. You don’t have to pay for a place, and you can decorate when you want and not pay extra to do it the day before.

  2. Parks. ~ Tulsa has several beautiful parks. We have done hundreds of park weddings in our years of doing weddings here in Tulsa. If you are not setting up chairs and decor you don’t need to pay for a permit. When planning ours and we called about booking a space at Mohawk Park. What we learned is that you don’t have to pay for a spot it is first come first serve. If however you are having a large wedding or have a specific spot you want then getting a permit will ensure you have that spot at the needed time. We have never had this issue in our years as wedding ministers.

  3. Hotels. ~ We have done weddings in the lobby and in the rooms. This sounds odd but most suits, or even King rooms are big enough for a the minister, the couple, and the two witnesses.  

  4. Tattoo parlors. ~ It may sound odd but if you love your ink and it’s something that you have in common this can be a unique destination. It’s even better if you getting tattoo rings or matching tattoos, what better time to do it then on your wedding day.

  5. Restaurants and Coffee Shops. ~ For the really simple weddings and elopements this is could be a cool place to do your wedding. Many couple choose where they had their first date, the coffee shop where they meet, or their favorite place to hang out.

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