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Oklahoma’s Smallest Wedding Chapel

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Last night I did a wedding in Oklahoma’s smallest wedding chapel. Right to the point I’m talking about the Be-Mar Chapel in Bixby, OK. They don’t seem to have a website but here’s their phone number Update 01/24/2018 Sadly Red, the original owner and designer of Be-Mar, has passed away. The good news is we had the chance to visit with Red’s son Stacy, he is continuing the Chapel. The new contact number for booking the chapel is 918-691-9082.

This place was the perfect location for those of you who are on a budget and just have a few guests. Don’t plan on having too many people though. The chapel is truly small, seating is limited to fourteen and we’re talking a small fourteen, if you’re family is like mine it’s going to be one to a seat. An additional six can stand in the center isle but if you have anyone claustrophobic they probably won’t be able to handle this place. In addition there is a very nice garden outside of the chapel that make a beautiful setting.

All that being said we have people call us all the time that need a small location they can have a wedding in without paying a fortune. I love the big chapels and there are some beautiful Chapels in Oklahoma but not everyone can afford them or feel it’s worth the expense

Here’s some information from the chapel brochure:

“Bixby has been known for years as the garden spot of Oklahoma now has a new attraction. It is the home of the smallest Chapel and largest Water Wheel in Oklahoma. Open seven days a week at no charge to visitors. Be-Mar Chapel was built by Red Stevenson to honor his wife Betty Margaret on their fiftieth anniversary Be-Mar is a hyphenation of her name. This beautiful Mini-Chapel was not built as a wedding chapel but so many have asked to be married in Be-Mar Chapel, that it is now available for weddings. Red and Betty Margaret would like to leave Be-Mar Chapel to the community and to fund it’s perpetual care, there is a charge of $100 for weddings with you providing a minister.”

Speaking with red he did mention he does not charge those in the service for use of the Chapel.

I like this place so much although we normally charge a distance charge to travel to Bixby let us know you’re having your wedding at the Be-Mar and we’ll wave the distance fee.

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