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Happy Valentines Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! For us this is our regular date night, you needn’t wait for just special occasions to plan romantic time together.

So did He/She pop the question, if so congratulations! If not don’t stress out many people don’t want to be that predictable when proposing. If you are newly engaged I’m sure you’ve got a million things on your mind for the wedding.  My number one piece of advice is to remember, the only things that are important is the bride, the groom, the minister, two witnesses and the marriage license. Everything else is fluff. Sure many people want the big dream wedding and these create life long memories, but you can quickly be overwhelmed by the expense of it all.

Ultimately the wedding is a big party to celebrate the decision to be together for life with all your friends and loved ones.  For some this means spending an average of $27,000 for this party.  If you have the money or family paying the bill go for it!  However both the declining economy and a changing society means many couple are doing this on their own.  You don’t want to start your new life together up to your eyeballs in debt.  Watch our Frugal Bride section for suggestions to help you balance this most important party with keeping a sane budget.

For those who want the big wedding a great resource is they have a lot of resources and check lists for the big day.  While we focus on those on a budget this site offers something for everyone.

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