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How to get married in Oklahoma

How to get married in Oklahoma

Wedding season is upon us and we get a lot of calls asking how to get married in Oklahoma.  Most people aren’t experts at the process, this isn’t a process you do often.  I’ll try to give you all the information you’ll need to make things easier.

First the rules. In Oklahoma anyone over 18 can get married without a waiting period with the exception of those who have divorced.  In Oklahoma unless you decide to re-marry the person you divorced you have to wait 6 months to marry.

16-17 of age can marry with parental consent. There is a 72 hour waiting period

You must present proof of age when getting your marriage license.  This can be a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or other form of official ID

Oklahoma does not require a blood test or residency.

Getting the License

Marriage licenses are issued by the County Clerk, here in Tulsa the County Clerks office is on the second floor of the Tulsa County Court House 500 W Denver

The fee for a Marriage license is $50, you can save $45 by attending pre-marital counseling.  There are a lot of options for counseling, some religion based, some are offered through counselors, the state no longer sponsors a communications based training.

Once you have the license you have 10 days to get it to whoever is doing the ceremony, the license should be returned within 5 days of the ceremony, and expires 30 days after it was issued.

Finishing up the paperwork

For the ceremony two adult competent witnesses must be present and sign the marriage license.

After the marriage the license can either be mailed or returned in person to the County Clerk to be recorded.  If it’s mailed you will receive the license back in the mail, in person they can generally record it and hand it back right. Our personal experience is that taking the license back in person is your best bet.

Updated 10/18/2017

Oklahoma now issues same sex marriage licenses.

Oklahoma does not have a Justice of the Peace.  Marriages are no longer being performed by judges in Oklahoma due to heavy case loads preventing the judges from having time to schedule marriages. Only persons ordained or authorized to perform weddings by the church in which they belong who are registered with the state are able to perform and sign off on marriage licenses. Recently some atheist organizations have put in place steps to be recognized as wedding officiants in Oklahoma.

I hope this helps you on your journey.

For more visit the Tulsa County Website 

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