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Sweet Surprise

The Effect: A child is asked to pick a number between one and six.  The performer counts out the cards and revealing all the icky things the child could have gotten but they chose the correct number for a great gift.

You are provided with:

12 "Winning" Cards

  • Cake Time

  • Crown 

  • Dessert Time

  • Ice cream 

  • Sticker

  • Gelt

  • Dreidel

  • Balloon Animal

  • Piñata

  • Gift 

  • Candy cane 

  • Candy  


We've tried to include a good combination of either items to be given individually to a child or options to move from the show to the next part of the party such as opening gifts, breaking the piñata etc.


24 "Losing" Cards

  • Krampus

  • Sea slug 

  • Bat wings

  • Worms 

  • Eye of newt 

  • Spider legs 

  • Bunny Poo

  • Deer Droppings

  • Lump of Coal 

  • Stinky Socks

  • Ugly sweater 

  • Black licorice 

  • Rotton Egg

  • Pie in the face

  • Flies

  • Squirting flower

  • Poop 

  • Nap Time

  • Soap On A Rope 

  • Chocolate Covered Brussel sprouts  

  • Carmel onion  

  •  Dirty Diaper

  • Doggie Doo

  • Cow Patty

With the losing cards we've tried to mix a combination of holiday themed and general icky cards.  

Originally this trick was designed for halloween gigs when Madam Katrina was reading tarot. She didn't feel comfortable reading tarot for young children but wanted something halloween themed she could do for them.  Wanting to keep it simple we designed six etched slates and used the hotrod force to keep it simple for a non-magician to perform. For Cardist this set is easy to combine with any favorite force. Below we've included a similar simple force as an option for those who aren't necessarily card magicians but want to add a little more appearance of chance.

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